The human neuroblastoma cell line, SH-SY5Y, is a commonly used cell line in studies related to neurotoxicity, oxidative stress, and neurodegenerative disease. We have used a systems genomics approach to characterize the SH-SY5Y cell line using whole-genome sequencing to determine the genetic background of the cell line and use transcriptomics, proteomics and metabolomics data together with a network analysis approach to evaluate the suitability of the SH-SY5Y cell line as a model system to study Parkinson's disease. Manuscript

circos chromosomes
Figure 1: Circos plot of the SH-SY5Y genome. Tracks represent (from outside to inside) karyotype for each chromosome, copy number variation (red > 2, green = 2, black < 2), density of small variants (bin size = 1Mb), homozygous small variant percentage (bin size = 1 Mb). Arcs represent chromosomal breakpoints (red = rare breakpoints not found in Complete Genomics Baseline dataset). Figure 2: Copy number variation events detected by CG (left half of chromosomes) and microarray analysis(right half). Regions are highlighted for copy number gain (red) and loss (blue). The major events partial trisomy of chromosome 1 and 2, complete trisomy of chromosome 7, gain in 17q and loss in 22q were confirmed.                                                                                                           

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